Before / After: Renovating a bathroom in a neo-retro style

Before / After: Renovating a bathroom in a neo-retro style

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Thoughtful and scrupulous renovation work has restored all its splendor to this small bathroom located in a house dating from the 1930s. Under the watchful eye of Emmanuel and Odile, the owners of the premises, the interior decorator Céline Pansieri has succeeded in transforming this old-fashioned bathroom into an ergonomic, functional and aesthetic space. Tastefully redesigned in a neo-retro style, the room becomes a privileged place where it is good to take time to take care of yourself. Area: 6 m² Budget: 6000 euros

A dilapidated, candy-like bathroom

Before: Sad mine and pale colors, difficult to realize the potential of this bathroom as the decoration is out of fashion. The flagship bathroom furniture - tub and pedestal sink - drowns in pink and black wall tiles and pink mosaic tiling tarnished by the ages. As a result, the room suffocates and immediately appears narrower than it actually is.

A bathroom with a charm from the past

After: Here, no change in the layout of the room. The initial configuration has indeed remained the same. In order to offer the couple a warm and up-to-date bathroom, Céline Pansieri has chosen to combine materials. On the ground, the pink mosaic has been replaced in favor of sublime custom-made cement tiles. With their pretty graphic patterns, they set the tone for the decor, create a playful visual effect in the room and match perfectly with the original column sink, metro tiles and carved wooden wall decoration. With its pretty bevelled angles, the metro tiles now decorate the walls of the bathtub in an elegant and timeless way.
To revive the retro style, the interior decorator chose to install furniture not dedicated to the bathroom, such as the neo Gustavian console, the wall decoration in carved wood and the small stool. These were chosen to anchor the piece in its time while preserving the vestiges of the 1930s. On the color side, Céline Pansieri favored a fairly soft and neutral colored harmony with gray blue, accompanied by taupe and brown. Cotton flowers and accessories highlight this refined decor transformed into a cozy place to live.
Céline Pansieri, Space designer and interior decorator