Interview with Antoine du Pelloux, creator of the Pack

Interview with Antoine du Pelloux, creator of the Pack

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Do you know the Pack? Behind this funny name hides a group of professionals who love nature and biotechnology. We met one of them, Antoine du Pelloux, who told us about his concept of gardening in an urban environment. From its beginnings to the creation of this avant-garde collective founded at five, the young landscaper has found a wonderful field of expression through nature. His goal ? Bring together the skills and ideas of each to offer a new approach to the plant world and outdoor landscaping.

Why did you choose the profession of landscaper?

To be completely honest, it was my wife who suggested this route to me when I was validating my letter license. My artistic sensitivity, my taste for biology associated with my previous experiences in the agricultural environment, pushed me towards this profession which united all my passions. I therefore branched out towards a BTS in landscaping in order to complete my technical knowledge and learn the trade in the field through various internships. I first worked alongside an independent landscaper based in Limousin before joining a large company specializing in the design of natural pools. These two experiences were extremely formative and allowed me to understand the world of outdoor design with a fresh look.

How did you get the idea to create the Pack?

This collective is a family project that brings together the professional skills of my wife, his brother, mine, my cousin and myself. In our respective businesses, we are all closely or indirectly linked to plants. We have therefore decided to work together to bring together our know-how and offer the public, the majority of whom live in cities, a complete offer in the field of gardening. Company training, landscaping of gardens, terraces and balconies, creation of an urban market gardening system ... the offer of the Pack is vast but its objective remains the same: to relearn city dwellers to become gardeners!

You now live in Paris where you are developing many urban exteriors. How do you work with this type of garden?

Growing plants above ground is a very particular aspect of the job of landscaping because it involves a different relationship with nature. The smaller the space, the more sensitive the plants are to their environment. The work therefore becomes very technical and requires consideration of all external factors. The floor where the balcony is located, the orientation of a terrace, the automatic watering setting ... every detail is important!

What are the gardens that inspire you?

I am not a big fan of garden visits ... When I design outdoor spaces, I prefer to draw my inspiration directly from nature by reproducing the existing biotopes as much as possible. Whether it is a forest edge, a country road edge or a naturally flowered low wall by the sea, wilderness is for me the essence of the ideal garden! I also try to transmit my love for plants to my customers, whatever their requests: bring them happiness through this little corner of nature, and making them feel good there is for me the greater satisfaction. //