Ecological renovation: insulation and tax credit

Ecological renovation: insulation and tax credit

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From the moment that insulation works come within the framework of the improvement of a housing, various subsidies or aids can be granted. An investment now acclaimed by many French people who see the opportunity to significantly reduce their energy bill. We investigated!

Thermal insulation: what prices?

To gain energy efficiency, three types of work can be envisaged: insulation of the exterior roof, insulation of the walls and that of the attic. If carrying out this type of work is a necessity for many households, the price of this work is not given, however, since it notably includes the purchase of materials and labor. Note, however, that the cost of these development works is linked to the choices made for each project. Thus, depending on the type of insulation chosen and the professional selected, the price will not be the same (between 15 euros and 80 euros per m²). You will therefore understand, improving the energy performance of your home by carrying out thermal insulation work is a significant investment. The fact remains that its profitability will ultimately benefit the household.

How to benefit from the tax credit?

To help French households achieve the targets for reducing energy consumption desired by the government, the State has implemented several measures which make it possible to finance renovation work at home. Among these, the tax credit.
Set up by the State to allow French households to deduct from their taxes expenses related to thermal renovation works, the energy transition tax credit, also called CITE, allows individuals to benefit from a credit '' single tax of 30% for its insulation work in the attic, soil or interior wall insulation (up to a ceiling per m² of 100 euros including tax) and for its exterior insulation work walls and that of roof terraces (up to a ceiling per m² of 150 euros including tax). Similarly, if you want to equip yourself with double glazing, you can benefit from a tax credit of 30%. Only the purchase of thermal insulation materials for the glass walls will be taken into account.
Note that to benefit from it, your accommodation must meet the following conditions: it must have been completed for more than two years, constitute your main residence and be located in France. Bonus, whether you are an owner or a tenant, you can benefit from the CIT, without any specific means test. Also don't forget the grants from the National Housing Agency (Anah) which can also lighten your wallet.