How far from the plate should you install a range hood?

How far from the plate should you install a range hood?

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The installation of an extractor hood is not random. To optimize the efficiency of the hood and the safety of the fireplace, a few guidelines must be observed, such as the distance between the plates and the extractor hood. How to successfully install your hood? Here are the editorial responses.

The right distance

A range hood must be installed at a distance of between 65 cm and 75 cm. If you have gas hobs, the ideal distance is 70 cm. If you have electric, vitroceramic or induction hobs, the ideal distance is 65 cm. It should be noted that if the hood is installed more than 75 cm from the hobs, its efficiency is reduced. Smoke and odors will not be properly extracted. If it is too low, it can hinder the use of the plates and therefore reduce the safety of household members and especially those who cook.

The choice of hood

It is imperative to respect the safety distances for any type of hood. If you change the extractor hood, you must therefore check the dimensions of the model before installing it. Indeed, depending on the configuration of the kitchen, you may need to modify the height of the top of the hood (or over-hood).

Good to know

Respecting the distance between the extractor hood and the cooking plates is essential. Please note that if this so-called safety distance is not respected, the insurance may refuse to cover any accidents or damage related to the extractor hood.