The mistakes to avoid when choosing your roller shutters

The mistakes to avoid when choosing your roller shutters

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If you have decided to install or change your roller shutters, now is the time to choose the model of your dreams. Rather decorative or rather practical? One thing is certain, it is not the time to make a mistake because you might regret it once they are installed. guides you by showing you the mistakes to avoid when choosing your roller shutters.

Mistake # 1: Forgetting to check the regulations in force in your city or co-ownership

The installation of shutters modifying the facade of a building, you may be subject to rules governing co-ownership. If this is the case, check with your trustee before embarking on any work. In fact, if your installation is contrary to the regulations, you may be asked to remove your shutters and restore your exterior. Ditto from the point of view of the municipality: you may have to make a prior request for work. In addition, certain zones do not allow the installation of the shutters of your choice because of a desire to harmonize the local style.

Mistake # 2: Wanting to save at all costs!

One of the advantages of roller shutters is that they can be economical. But beware, compare what is comparable! A very cheap shutter can also be less durable, less insulating or less protective in the event of an attempted break-in. It is therefore best to prioritize your priorities before you start to compare models. Define your expectations in terms of price, insulation (thermal and sound), safety, aesthetics and closing system (manual or automatic). Going for the cheapest without comparing the other criteria could indeed make you regret your choice on a daily basis.

Mistake # 3: Choosing PVC shutters for a very large window

Installing roller shutters on a large bay window requires attention to the strength of the material. Indeed, if PVC is a good insulator, it is however less rigid than aluminum, so it tends to sag when it is wide. We will then gladly choose aluminum shutters, which are more solid, unless installing two PVC shutters if the configuration allows it. Finally, do not neglect the engine because the larger the flap, the heavier and therefore difficult to reassemble.

Mistake # 4: Not coordinating the shutters with the style of your house and your windows

If you choose your roller shutters and your windows at the same time during your construction, nothing very complicated: we will avoid granting PVC windows with aluminum shutters and vice versa. If this is not possible, remember to harmonize the colors (we can also voluntarily play the two-tone but not with all the nuances!) But again, beware: if aluminum allows you almost all the nuances, the PVC less resistant to radiation, it is mostly available only in white. If it is a renovation and you want to modernize your window closings while your house is rustic, an aesthetic and practical solution is available to you: break the codes with very modern shutters, in anthracite gray aluminum for example, or even with adjustable blades, imitation wood, which go very well with old stones.