Architect's advice: 4 island kitchen plans

Architect's advice: 4 island kitchen plans

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The island kitchen is a kitchen composed of one or more module (s), called island (s), receiving furniture or household appliances. It can also be an L-shaped or I-shaped kitchen base, to which is added an island in the center of the room. This trendy establishment is friendly, functional and decorative. Rather reserved for large volumes because it requires a certain circulation space, it offers a spacious and airy kitchen, often associated with a dining area. The island can be of different shapes, although it is most often rectangular, depending on the shape and style of the kitchen. In addition to its very pleasant contemporary aesthetic, this location has the main advantage of avoiding unnecessary travel.

2.9 mx 2.7 m kitchen fitted as an island

This 2.9 mx 2.7 m kitchen in a loft-like volume is made up of three small islands. The central island receives storage furniture while serving as a work plan and dining area. In order not to break the perspective, this layout has no tall elements. Apparently unstructured, it is ideal in an open apartment and offers very good movement of people. It also makes it possible to keep real living room and bedroom spaces without losing space, all in one and the same un-partitioned volume.

3.5m x 2.4m kitchen fitted as an island

This 3.5m x 2.4m open kitchen located in an island combines functionality and aesthetics thanks to a good integration of household appliances. Medium in size, and therefore easily adaptable for renovations, it is made up of a linear unit integrating all the tall elements and a central U-shaped island receiving both cooking, washing and a convivial dining area. Note however that it will be essential to plan from the start of the work the passage on the ground of the arrivals and evacuations of water from the sink and the dishwasher.

4.7 mx 3.3 m kitchen with island layout

In this large semi-open kitchen of 4.7 mx 3.3 m, is installed a comfortable central island of 290 x 90 cm receiving the circular sink, and serving as both a worktop and a dining table. The long linear I and the island are arranged symmetrically around the cooking, serving as a central axis for the layout. In order to combine aesthetics and light, the tall elements are distributed along the sides of the shelf. A circulation space of 90 cm is left around the perimeter of the island. The island comes here to structure the kitchen, it is the real centerpiece of this designer and very convivial kitchen.

Kitchen of 3.6m x 4.4m fitted as an island

In this spacious 3.6 x 4.4 m kitchen fitted with a central island, the existing opening in the load-bearing wall was not filled by a door, in order to maintain a comfortable brightness. Everything is articulated in a friendly way around the island receiving the cooking plates and storage space, and offering a beautiful work surface. For practical reasons and to limit movement, the sink is located opposite the island. This family kitchen allows several people to prepare the meal simultaneously without being shy. The movement of people is easy, both in the kitchen and in the dining area.

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